Jenny or not, here it comes... And You are invited!

Jenny and Columbo’s big day has finally arrived. But in Santa Monica de la Punta Gorda, nothing ever goes as planned. A series of comical accidents and miscommunications delay the ceremony, the wedding party retells stories of how this wedding almost never came to be. Be a part of the celebration and you may just get a chance to join the wedding party on stage. 

Come one, come all- get on that guest list today: LA BODA!

Multiple Dates: Spring 2017 

Chopin Theatre

1543 West Division Street

Chicago, IL 60642

For more details visit: Los Secretos de Santa Monica

Shh...It's a secreto!

Hola, I'm Jenny and I live in Santa Monica de la Punta Gorda :) Discover all our secrets at the ORPHEUM THEATRE in Phoenix, September 8th - 11th 2016. 

In July we toured and showcased a preview of Los Secretos de Santa Monica. Our first show was in Anaheim, CA where we performed for the NARME Summit (National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education). We closed the mini-tour with a performance in Phoenix, AZ. Click the teaser below and dive into the secrets of Santa Monica.

In The Making

Time flies, but its worth every second when you live doing what you love. Remember to stop and smell the peonies. Embrace your passions and always prepare to arrive - a destination awaits. [Feature from OCT 2015 by FOX 32]


Travel used to be a foreign concept to me. It wasn't until a couple years ago that I began to travel more. Mainly because my brother moved away and I really can't live without him (shhhh) so all of a sudden I was going between New York and Chicago up to four times a year. Then, I realized I could go anywhere I wanted. Of course, it isn't cheap, but incessantly checking for cheap flights pays off. Therefore, I plan to travel to as many places as possible, the least touristy the better (Lets just say, Disneyland is the last on my list). This April I was in Guadalajara visiting family and decided to go on an adventure. I drove out to Guanajuato which is only a couple hours away. I still have dreams of the beautiful streets in Guanajuato, or I should say "callejones." It's truly a majestic city and I can't wait to return. 

Monument to El Pipila-Guanajuato

Monument to El Pipila-Guanajuato

It feels like every time I travel to a new place, not only do I fall in love with it's quotidian ways; but, I end up leaving a piece of me behind. I don't notice it until I'm far gone. Until I am in my habitual space, I notice how much I miss this new discovered place of which I have new wonderful memories. But, it isn't only the place I'm missing, I'm missing the piece that stayed behind. Change is uncomfortable, and I almost feel myself transform. As I break free from a part of me I did not need, I feel a new clarity and motivation I did not have before. I find it almost meditative (not counting the airport). This isn't the main reason why I like to travel, but it sure is a huge plus!

I know we don't do it as much because it can be very expensive. But even just driving a few hours away from home for the weekend count! I say we do more traveling and less spending on unnecessary things (Which I should probably do less of too). 

Plaza Baratillo

Plaza Baratillo

On to the next destination.